Imagine, you are standing amidst a post apocalyptic playground. A place for children of a dystopian world, crushed and crumbled, yet the youngins slip through all the hopelessness and slide down dirty slopes, drumming and dancing on the colour-fading skeletons of old arguments until rust sparkles in the purple evening sky. It’s no Japanese anime providing these images but a German musician called Joev.   [more] »

Tekko Musik Produktion

four faces

This interview was made by themselfs when 3 of the Tekko Musik Produktion just released ther 22 ep under the name TREEOFO. Actually, the four musicians are changing names like their clothes…

Kasimir Bukashowski (KB), Interviewer:: I’ve been listening the whole thing on my way over here…

Fo-Man-Chen (FO), Piano, Vibes, Programming: Congratulations…

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fragments of an empire


Long are the pieces by fragments of an empire, because they have a lot to say. Without words. They break with any expectations to ears petted by radio suitable popmusic. And occasional their music blows ears. [more] »

Eve in a Circle

Soundscapes, lifescapes, digital and analog

People who affect, open doors, close them, play with words and hide them – for Eve in a Circle the basic beat in her songs. Isolation, togetherness, which often dosn’t work and hurts. Sometimes sunken in the middle of it, sometimes only the view out of a glass box. They are like diary entries, but don’t get old. [more] »

Schikane Rollte


German-speaking music seems to enjoy complicating itself. Always wants to figure out what it is and what it is able to, always looking for someone to be. Schikane Rollte explores its range. The language becomes the playground of her thoughts. Her words are playing with sounds. Unarrested swinging, above their properly meaning. Encircle it, touch it and then leave it again. How storys are. Inside of us, surrounding us. Rolling the chicanes of life ahead. Moving between the banality of being and the deep feeling of incomprehension. [more] »

I Am An Exit


It was a quiet, whispering voice in a song by Nine Inch Nails, which five years ago inspired the duo to give themselves that name. ”I am an exit, I am an exit” it is barely audible, calling from the off. The angry sound of I Am An Exit is its answer to the ‘brave new world’: Melodic, clanking 80s-strings, driven by raging rhythms and the voice used as an instrument of a torn soul: a sound that is at home in post-industrial, electro-rock and synth-pop. [more] »



Life consists of sounds. Every day comes, beating rhythms, playful, stretched, and goes sometimes slow, and sometimes infinite moving. Spheres become shapes, adjust themselfes, twisting and finally vanishing in the discreet rumble of the moment. So the sound world revolves around itself, in an universe of a delicious, psychedelic Dub-Chillout.

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Yesterdays’ Universe


The history of british popmusic has been broadly interpreted many times. But every interpretation is a new version of the be-known. The music by Yesterdays Universe is a new kind of reflection. Catchy arrangements, asymmetric drumbeats and a surfguitar drowned in reverb are creating a scenery in which the harmonic vocals tell their stories. A modern reminder of the british rock- and pop of the 60′s up to today.  [more] »