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German-speaking music seems to enjoy complicating itself. Always wants to figure out what it is and what it is able to, always looking for someone to be. Schikane Rollte explores its range. The language becomes the playground of her thoughts. Her words are playing with sounds. Unarrested swinging, above their properly meaning. Encircle it, touch it and then leave it again. How storys are. Inside of us, surrounding us. Rolling the chicanes of life ahead. Moving between the banality of being and the deep feeling of incomprehension.

Reluctantly Schikane Rollte let her music be classified. In her album ‘Gestern Farbe‘, containing records created in the last eight years, the musican basically focussed on her vocals and guitar. The album is a little rough while roaming the record collection with a hidden curiosity. It becomes a singer-songwriter piece, which is playful lost in jazz, rebels defiant in rock elements, gets harmonious in blues and finally attempts to get rid of any kind of identity in punk.
The guitar, used at that time mainly as accompaniment and rhythm, is getting more and more important to Schikane Rollte. She is looking for the arrengement and the exchange between different instruments. So, today, the chicanes are rolling rhythms, chanting songs by guitar, narrating and be guided by a bass.

In addition to her solo project Schikane Rollte inter alia used to play saxophone in the industrial band ‘Secret Cale’, she later also played the lead-guitar in the ska-rock band ‘Zeitrausch’. In companion with Eve in a Circle she created four electro-accoustic pieces for the stop-motion filmproject  Stirb und Werdegeschaffen. She also works with young people in their own rock and pop band projects.

There are endless accoustic possibilities, whether in dusty record shelves, in melancholic street-jazz or in the electroclub. For every musical moment she gets in touch with, Schikane Rollte incorporates a new musical aspect to her own work. She is a storyteller playing, with intsruments singing.

Text: eve-carlice


Gestern Farbe

11 Tracks, 30 min



Bist du dir sicher?

A. Fauld

Komischer Vogel

Inga Alice Lauenroth

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