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This interview was made by themselfs when 3 of the Tekko Musik Produktion just released ther 22 ep under the name TREEOFO. Actually, the four musicians are changing names like their clothes…

Kasimir Bukashowski (KB), Interviewer:: I’ve been listening the whole thing on my way over here…

Fo-Man-Chen (FO), Piano, Vibes, ProgrammingCongratulations…

KB: …it’s more that i’m surprised. It doesn’t sound like ‘Rotten Lily’ at all.

FO: That’s why we gave us the name ‘TREEOFO’.

KB: I see the guitars are gone, as well as all the electrotrash which you can find at each of you in common.

FO: Is that a question now?

Philipp Nell (PN): Saxophon: Well, that was a question.

FO: Nevermind, i’ll answer anyway… so, as ‘Rotten Lily’ we once tried to play our stuff unplugged, which turned to be totally insane and weak-minded, because of all that electrostuff which is in the tracks. The stage would have been dumped with lots of instruments and we would have had to run from one to another permanently.

Banzai Bonzai (BB) Drums, Percussions, Loops, Programming: Marathon as the stageshow. And stageshows – do we totally like them?

FO: We passed that idea pretty fast. But we had the intention to jazz up some of our stuff whilst practicing.

KB: Therefore a jazz album…

DC: For god’s sake, don’t dare to mention this to loud. All the musicans out there will come to kill us.

KB: But isn’t it jazz?

FO: It might pass as a-whacky-bunch-does-drunken-freejazz-and-is-in-beat-fortunately.

BB: And even freejazzers would have to tell us how to do it right.

FO: It’s like this. I think Philipp is the only one of us who can deal with music sheets.

PN: Maybe, but my strength is not the sheet-music but the free improvisation.

BB and DC: Oh, listen up!

KB: Why sax?

PN: Originally it should be flute. But i know my music-teacher since my early musical education…

BB: Oh dear, early education!

PN: …AND he used to play sax and drums and convinced me to learn to play sax. So i’m playing sax since ’99. I can’t listen to a single song without having an idea what sax-lines could fit to it.

KB: Apropos sax. Fo, aren’t you the one who shouted the loudest, that this, i feel free to quote you: “frogcuntfarting sound” would never ever appear in a song by you?

DC and BB are starting to laugh, Philipp looks a little choked.

FO: Holy shit, that’s what you’ve noticed.

KB: Cho kindly pointed me to the one you’ve recorded. And i’ll never forget this quote because i’ve been witness as you said it in a totally wasted state to a saxophonist at a freejazzsession… No, you shouted it at him.

DC and BB are laughing louder.

FO: Oh my, that is embarrassing…

DC: I’ll help you. Let’s put it this way… Fo and i had already choosen several synths which should make it on the EP. Here Fo noticed that this will just become an other ‘Rotten Lily’-release. Filled up with electrostuff but lacking guitars or so. He said that we need something else, so we started to see what instruments we can play…

KB: None…

DC: Exactly.

KB: That’s when you asked Philipp?

DC: It’s more that he asked us.

PN: Yup, back in the FRG, shortly after my career as a ProWestler under the pseudonym of Phil “The Red Plague” Nell my dream was finally to do something for the people in East Germany. My idea was to make the people on the other side of the ‘banana-border’ happy with my melodies, to put right what i made wrong as a system-communist. As i arrived in Frankfurt, instantly these three strange fellows catched my eyes by passing from bar to bar asking local musicans to do something with them. They just earned laughter, but to me it was clear as hell: This band is my chance to start into a new life. I talked to this tragic trio and they gave me an early version of the EP, later i and Fo locked us in and made the recordings.

DC, FO and BB are laughing.

KB: Let’s talk about the title.

FO: 22 is my lucky number.

KB: Okay, that was easy. So talk about the sounds.

DC: Each of us has been looking for sounds he likes by himself. Astonishing was, that all of us love train rides. In any case, based on the collected sounds, the songs were written.

KB: Could you agree fast?

FO, DC and BB: Yes.

KB: What? I only know you discussing. Especially at ‘Rotten Lily’ if it is about if chimes have to be on a track or not.

FO: Always chimes! It’s a concept sound.

DC: It isn’t!

BB: It’s equal!

KB: Will there be more releases by ‘TREEOFO’ and or something new by ‘Rotten Lily’?

DC: Rotten? Only if this goofball kills his chimes.

FO: Never!!!

BB: I can imagine something with hardcore and gabber.

KB: Okay, so this conversation is finished for me.

PN: What the heck is Rotten Lily???

Text: Tekko Musik Produktion



10 Tracks ca 30min



22 ep

1 Track, 22 min

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