January 20, 2014


Rotten Lily (Tekko Music Produktion)

A Japanese name, crooked solos, comic set-ups, changing beats, crushed tempos and wrong harmonies sliding into noise.

Mostly everything is different than you think. Or maybe not …

Fick dis noise.

March 10, 2013

Arc ep


The noise torn voices, words that break down in sound. Harmonies, surrounded by clacking and knocking … the maze of uncertainties traveling apart. Destroying the structures by moving away from each other. And then there are words again. Raptured. In withdrawn, buried deep inside. As the recurring scenes, crossing the sleep. [more] »

February 9, 2013


Rotten Lily (Tekko Music Produktion)

Is there a genre? A Genre? Actually, its not that easy to call it as a genre… somethow a mixture of  postrock- trash -electronic and melodic instrumental -Music… maybe. [more] »

February 20, 2012

22 Ep

Treeofo (Tekko Musik Produktion)

Its rustling. Dripping. Playing. It makes zzz.
Moving in lines. Sounds are traveling. Hopefully melancholy.
It seems to be always the same persons, which are fighting in mind.
Keeping Silence. A prospecting of Sound? [more] »

December 20, 2011



Experiments – exponentiell. Maybe some kind of framing our nameless self?
Encircling the boundary, bordering some cases. Touching each other in divergency and separating same minds.
Let us flow together in controversy and paint our affinity in different colours! [more] »

October 27, 2011

unspoken EP

Fragments of an Empire

Its an ouverture at the strange variations of a feeling
which some may call happines.
A feeling, which follows melancholia, somewhere spaced.
There are words out of guitarspheres, bellsounds and piano,
which are attached together in internal compositions. [more] »

October 1, 2011

folded rooms

Eve in a Circle

It originated in waiting halls, and in trains.
Sprouted in woods and cities.
Dreamed at the sea and in the industry.

Places are merging, times are abrogated.
Eve in a Circles macrocosm of sounds is formed.
With calm breath and an electro-acoustic heartbeat. [more] »

May 2, 2011

errorism divided ep

I am an Exit

A machine, rolling, drifting. Ever not arriving. A valiant power plant of self-preservation. Dreaming for us?
Torn voices complain. Imagine you may, become witness. The aversions, their confidence. Valiant but desperate.
On a journey to the end of the night. It remains. Longingly expecting. Tamed rage & colorful grey. 

January 1, 2011

Babylon Sunset

Yesterdays` Universe

The „Babylon Suns“ EP seems to be a decleration of love to the british rock- and pop-music of the past sixty years, it seems to. Influences by the young and wild groups from the early 60′s up to the not less wild and young bands of the early past are not deniable.
But driven by their [more] »

March 17, 2010



Tripping in dub, swinging in jazz and grooving with ease through time and space, whose boundaries move naturally in this music.

It is explaining…- but is music explaining at all? Doesn’t it rather let you imagine that to pause for a moment and listen in could be that important? [more] »

March 16, 2010

The Factory

I am an Exit

It is this state … ..
Being in artifical, electronic sounds, the cold and the demanding, like machines…
Being alone in community. The drowning in the crowd. Being on the edge of the world, and yet never at its end, to escape from it…unfolding the internal unrest. [more] »

March 15, 2010

Gestern Farbe

Schikane Rollte

When everyday life becomes musical, words are playing on the playground of thoughts. Though yesterday was colour, but you may sketch after all. Words that sing to guitar music do not know any better how to behave.
With a hidden couriosity the album is roaming the record collection. It becomes a singer-songwriter piece, which is playful lost in jazz, rebels defiant in rock elements, gets harmonious in blues and finally attempts to get rid of any kind of identity in punk. And wherever it moves towards, it is always dancing with the melancholy that lies behind nothingness.  [more] »